Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Drive to Chicago

You can drive to Chicago in about 2-1/2 hours from Madison WI.

First of all - its weird that you have a complex spaghetti of roads and highways, ramps, exits, locations, and street names that you didn't see on Google Maps, and then they go and have the I-90 (eyeninety) that I wanted to be on and the 190 (oneninety) which goes to OHare. Well in the heat of the moment I saw 190 and turned off the freeway towards the airport. Luckily all roads lead to Chicago, so after a loop of the airport drop-off area, we made it back onto the REAL I-90 and into the city. Parking was easy to find, with $20 for 3- 12 hours, it seemed a reasonable fee. Parked in E Illinois Street

We went to the Navy Pier, which looked good on paper... actually, if I had kids with me it would have been great, and if it was summer and I needed to drink beer in the Beer Garden, it would have been rocking. However, it was cold, windy, and near deserted on the outside. We thought there were no people around.

On the inside... well - mayhem.

There must have been a Junior Cheer Leaders convention going on - there were kids and doting parents everywhere - thick on the ground you might say... well most of them. If you sold cheap make-up you could have made your fortune right there!

Then you have to drive back.

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