Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Name is Michael

During the raising of Chicago out of the mud in the mid-1800's, a 'service level' was created like a kind of underground world, below the streets, the shops, the glam... So can you guess who inhabits this badly lit shadow world?

Well one species is called 'dumb tourist' and the other...?

Caption: "Not the real Michael, but close..."

"My name is Michael... don't you shoot me now... ya hear? Don't you look down on me... don't you hurt me or nuthin..."
I thought "Now I know why I should've stayed up on the sunny side of the street...Am I going to live or die?"
It turns out that Michael and his friends needed some money, and he thought I might've had some extra change that I wasn't needing right away. At this point I thought that I could give him some money and my wallet would be empty as soon as I got it out, or I could give him $10 and walk away like a saint, caring for the homeless people of the underworld.

I lived.

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