Monday, March 31, 2008

Colemans Suzuki Cruiser Run

Outside the Bridgehouse Lodge, Warkworth, at the end of a great day. Hey nice red C90 in the foreground...

After threat of rain Sunday turned out to be a fantastic riding day for 47 bikes rolling off from outside Colemans. Everything from 250's to the mighty M109, riders on their own and those with pillions, cruisers and sports bikes, we made quite a sight owning our own part of the Auckland Harbour Bridge (well I thought so).

Taking a left at the Silverdale we headed towards Highway 16, which I had not been on, and rode through the lovely farmland and coastal valleys, arriving at Wellford. Grins, grins, grins!

Artform Waipu
From there to Waipu, to a great cafe [Artform], that opened up the back courtyard, and let us park our bikes under the trees. We had lunch and discussed bikes, riding, more bikes... you know...Sadly no spot prize for me.

Back along the coast to Warkworth, and 205 km - time to fill up - 10.5 l - not too bad, considering their may have been a little throttle blipping from time to time - no point having all that torque and not using it.

A fantastic day, thanks to our Captain, Matt Humphries.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Glorious Summer, where hast thou been?

Although my internal clock is in disarray, there is nothing wrong with the weather right here in Auckland.

I had almost forgotten...

Chocolate Wars

In Times Square on Broadway you will find a Hersheys store, and if you look on the opposite corner you will find an M-and-M store. This is Chocolate Wars!!

Of course I had to go into each store, but I didn't sample any :-) They were packed! You could buy a 5lb Hershey Bar or you could have your favourite size and colour of MnM, matching tee-shirts and accessories. There were MnM earrings for $250!

I think that the MnM store was winning - a huge video screen played MnM characters and swirly pictures of MnM's out into Times Square - AND they had the MnM characters on a motorbike/sidecar. I resisted buying one. There were Christmas ornaments, coffe cups, toys, clothing and even toys that dispensed you MnM's to you based on your favourite gambling machine. I did notice something significant about some of the people that were buying huge bags of MnM's...

...there were a lot of stretch fabrics being worn.

New York New York

A team of us went to New York to meet with clients, and I got the opportunity to to see a little of New York. We stayed at the Hotel Edison which is just off Times Square on West 47th Street. It was a great location and full of character with an Art Deco style.

I went up the Empire State Building - wow! Having lived in Hong Kong in the early 90's I was no stranger to large/tall buildings, and the Empire State Building didn't look that big to me from the ground - I was expecting bigger... But once up there looking down - wow - what a view!

The other thing that struck me was how small it was at the viewing floor - just three people wide, and you can see, not that much room.

This is a zoomable picture using Zoomify. See if you can see what time I took this shot.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Oakridge Ave

Wandering through the streets of Madison to get milk at the Jenifer Street Market and back again to the apartment distance = 4.5km, air temperature = -9C, conditions fine, sunny, icy under foot.

Oakridge Ave still in winter clothes.

There was no one around on such a beautiful day, although a couple of cars went by, a 2 people jogging, one with a dog. So quiet - where are the people?

Monday, March 3, 2008

One Day in Paradise

I just realised that I have just one week left in the Madison office before I am winging my way back to sunny New Zealand. WOW!!! was that 2 months already? Its so strange how it seems such a long stretch, and then it is over...

The Auckland Harbour Bridge

Well, not quite over, I am going to New York next week to visit some clients - and that will be an interesting trip, as I haven't been to the East-side before - well I have been Florida - I guess that counts.

I am going to catch a Broadway show called "Chorus Line"

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fender Telecaster - Basic Black

I am currently working at Netconcepts in Madison Wisconsin, in the mighty US of A. I am here living out of a suitcase for a few months. Two Friday's ago we had Guitar Friday at work, and I got to jam around on a couple of guitars for an hour or so.
When you are away you miss things that you wouldn't normally think of, but when you do you realise that you spend your life collecting and arranging people, 'things' and experiences - and that is what you are. On Friday I realised that I missed having a guitar somewhere near me so much, I went and got one.

It is a Fender Telecaster in basic black, with a maple neck. I also got a Vox DA5 amp to play it through, and skull strap (of course!). Its great, its comforting, its a friend to my heart, but an enemy to my fingers as I reacquaint them with taut thin metal wires and polished fretwork.

The Price of Coffee

Actually, more correctly, the price of a coffee machine... $19.99 at Walgreen's. Oh yeah baby... why pay more elsewhere? With a little Madison lake water, some Wisconsin milk and Starbucks Fair Trade coffee we are in business!

And being as a craftsman never blames his tools or his modesty, I include a picture above of an excellent coffee, that I am in fact drinking right now.