Monday, March 17, 2008

Chocolate Wars

In Times Square on Broadway you will find a Hersheys store, and if you look on the opposite corner you will find an M-and-M store. This is Chocolate Wars!!

Of course I had to go into each store, but I didn't sample any :-) They were packed! You could buy a 5lb Hershey Bar or you could have your favourite size and colour of MnM, matching tee-shirts and accessories. There were MnM earrings for $250!

I think that the MnM store was winning - a huge video screen played MnM characters and swirly pictures of MnM's out into Times Square - AND they had the MnM characters on a motorbike/sidecar. I resisted buying one. There were Christmas ornaments, coffe cups, toys, clothing and even toys that dispensed you MnM's to you based on your favourite gambling machine. I did notice something significant about some of the people that were buying huge bags of MnM's...

...there were a lot of stretch fabrics being worn.

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Anonymous said...

Bought a really cool cushion from the mnm store, came back last week (London), i had a lot of fun :)