Monday, March 31, 2008

Colemans Suzuki Cruiser Run

Outside the Bridgehouse Lodge, Warkworth, at the end of a great day. Hey nice red C90 in the foreground...

After threat of rain Sunday turned out to be a fantastic riding day for 47 bikes rolling off from outside Colemans. Everything from 250's to the mighty M109, riders on their own and those with pillions, cruisers and sports bikes, we made quite a sight owning our own part of the Auckland Harbour Bridge (well I thought so).

Taking a left at the Silverdale we headed towards Highway 16, which I had not been on, and rode through the lovely farmland and coastal valleys, arriving at Wellford. Grins, grins, grins!

Artform Waipu
From there to Waipu, to a great cafe [Artform], that opened up the back courtyard, and let us park our bikes under the trees. We had lunch and discussed bikes, riding, more bikes... you know...Sadly no spot prize for me.

Back along the coast to Warkworth, and 205 km - time to fill up - 10.5 l - not too bad, considering their may have been a little throttle blipping from time to time - no point having all that torque and not using it.

A fantastic day, thanks to our Captain, Matt Humphries.

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