Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bangor to Stoddard, Wisconsin

This was the Harley trip from last August, finally being recorded. There were some real highlights on the trip, especially the Lone Wolf on the Road(King), eating up the miles on two wheels - visiting gas stations, getting lost (but not caring) and feeling the freedom. And the roads look like straight lines on the map and you go 'nah, can't be actually that straight' - yes it can... for miles and miles.

One of the great parts was the 162 from Bangor to Stoddard. I'd followed the Mississippi down through La Crosse and then headed inland a bit on the I-90. Not actually on the plan as I was staying OFF the highways - but there you go... After a few minutes I decided it was time to hang a right to get back to the big river, and so dived off at Bangor, through Coon Valley and Chaseburg to Stoddard. The header background image is from the 162.

This turned out to be a fantastic 'mistake' with a great biking road taking me back to the Mississippi River which I followed to Ferryville where I stopped for lunch, and visited another gas station. And here a tip for Mike Hyde for Twisting Throttle USA - Mrs Macs Sausage Rolls haven't made it here yet.

I continued down the river until I got to Prairie du Chien following The Great River Road.

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