Monday, April 14, 2008

Cruising Auckland to Wellington

On Friday I headed to Wellington from Auckland. If you are going to Taupo or beyond, may I recommend Highway 32 - the road from Tokoroa to Turangi through Whakamaru.

Gas up at Tokoroa, and hang a right onto Highway 32. Once free of the town you will find big sweeping corners arcing through the forest and I assure you that you will have trouble with your twisting hand... Across the dam at Whakamaru, and the country-side opens up to rolling farmland. The road is a mix of straights and sweepers and as you head down towards Turangi, a few corners that would put a smile on any sportsbike rider. If you are going to Taupo, turn left at Poihipi Road and head across the top of the lake. I went this way back in January for the A1GP, and when I got to Taupo I was almost sorry the trip was over. If you are coming the other way, take Highway 41 at Turangi, then onto Hwy 32 at Kuratau.

The rest of the trip to Wellington was Highway 1 which didn't turn out as bad as I thought, with tin-top drivers being very courteous and pulling over to let me pass.

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