Monday, April 14, 2008

Wellington to Auckland via Napier

On the way back to Auckland from Wellington I decided to take the ride up the Hutt Valley and over the Rimutaka Hill to Featherston. This was Sunday, so as you would expect there were lots of bikes on the road. I had two misfortunes on this leg of the trip - 1. I got stuck behind a troop of cars and 2. my digital movie camera decided to turn off right at the beginning of the hill. My poor floor-boards were getting a work out - I guess this is really a sportsbike road. That first "skree!!" when they go down, and you hear (more than feel) that scrape - its hard not to pull up - its as though that scraping sound is directly connected to your "what-the-hell-was-that" nerve.

Once over the Hill there is a great ride up through Featherston and a string of 'Main Street" towns like Greytown and Eketahuna. The road is good and picturesque. The trick here is to turn left onto Highway 50, and head that way to Napier. A great by-way road with a good surface and not much traffic.

I really enjoyed the Napier Taupo road - sweepers, easy passing, and testing straights. I say testing because I found them irresistible at times. Of course speeding is a sin - and there were two occasions when I was reminded of the need for restraint.

From the movie camera 4 seconds between shots (61 frames @ 15/sec).

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