Monday, April 28, 2008

Wisconsin Bike Trip - August 2007

Ok - so it has taken a while to do this, but I wanted to get it on record. The trip I did last year on a Harley Road King that was made available to me by some very special people from Colorado. This was the weekend at the end of the Sturgis rally, and with the good weather there were lots of bikes on the roads.

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One thing that you notice straight away is that you ride on the right, not the left... obvious really, and I didn't have any incidents. There is however something that I noticed coming back to NZ and riding - when you wave to a fellow rider coming the other way, your free hand is your left. In NZ you have to raise your hand to be seen, but in the US you pass each other left-to-left so to speak, so usually you point down at the road, or subtle variations on that theme. I was on a Harley and all the other Harley riders waved - not so in NZ on my Suzuki. The trip was 800 miles according to the odometer on the bike. It was just one night away, which I spent in Chippewa Falls at the Indianhead Motel, and two beautiful August days riding. I tried to stay off the highways as much as possible, without the chance of getting seriously lost, I guess a GPS would have been good - but then maybe the time spent pawing over the paper map at the regular fuel stops was part of the experience.

My first crossing of the Mississippi was at the Lloyd Spriggle Memorial Bridge and it was a memorial moment - a real sense that I had achieved, one of those "I was meant to be here" moments. I continued down to Prairie du Chien and then headed back east, via Lancaster, Platteville, Monroe, to Beloit, and in the dark up the I-90 back to Madison. Well it was dark sandwiched between the big rigs at 75 mph.

Thanks Steve and Jeff for making it possible.

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