Tuesday, May 20, 2008

County U

Well, there are some roads that make life worth living. I found another one when heading back from Door County. Just after Sturgeon Bay you hang a left onto County Route U, which was a bright star in an otherwise straight sweepy straight flat universe. Of course THOSE roads have their place for some deep throttle twisting, but there is nothing quite like a road with corners.

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Nice flowing narrow road which sprints along open tops and then dives down to the Lake edge, then back up again... very nice. Just 20km, but worth it.

If you have been up to Door County and visited the Wisconsin Motorcycle Memorial on Mathey Road, as I'm sure you will, this is a must do on the way back to civilization.


Anonymous said...

I drove this road on return from Door County a couple of years ago! Great roads winding between the trees. A lovely drive. I am sure that it is better on the bike.

Anonymous said...

10 Bucks says you didn't go around that corner (pictured) at 30 mph :)

JohnHS said...

The Street Glide was surprisingly agile, but it didn't have a lot of clearance on the corners, and they scraped a few times.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of nice winding roads in Door County. Check out the Back Roads map from the Door COunty Vistor Bureau. www.doorcounty.com