Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Door County by Street Glide

Why would you come all the way across the world, and NOT ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle through Door County Wisconsin?

This is the pewter denim H-D Street Glide that I hired for the weekend - a really smooth machine. The bikes in the background are from a Christian riders group who have a motorcycle ministry in Illinois - you know that Harley Davidson is a religion over here - I was told there were 160 members in all. They were your typical grey-haired biker - except the scowl was replaced with an angelic smile.

I didn't stop grinning myself the entire weekend. The Street Glide had very little vibration at cruising speeds, and was very comfortable. The rides Saturday and Sunday were about 6 hours each - and that was easy. I did run into a bit of rain which turned to hail on the way up. THAT is extremely painful on the face, and I was wishing for my full-face helmet. It didn't last long, in fact the weather was good, not too hot yet, and not too cool.

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After exploring Washington Island, I headed back to Ephraim WI where I stayed the night, and had a fish-boil at the Post Office Restaurant. The initial run up to Washington Island was only 5 hrs, so I was making good time. That made me rethink the route back and I did a bit of a zig-zag on the way back. I backtracked to Pipe WI to take pictures of the wind farm there. It was awesome to see those big towers with the slow moving vanes.

A great ride. See my post about County U

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Anonymous said...

Hey, cool story. I rent Harleys in Door County. You can see my website @ www.amrodc.com.

I do love riding the back roads here in Door County as well as in Kewaunee County as well.