Friday, May 30, 2008

Kaiaua and The Coromandel Loop

Kaiaua and The Coromandel Loop - it sounds like an adventure book for boys title. What a great days ride! All day long - the sky was clear blue, the sea was sparkling, the lush green of the bush and farmland was accented with autumn colours, the vistas across the Coromandel were spectacular, and the traffic light. Except for the rush-hour traffic congestion coming back into Auckland.

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It was a day for taking in NZ sights, sounds, smells and autumn sunshine. I started out at 10:00a.m. with a full tank of gas (what decadence!) and headed for Maraetai. This additional destination in the usual Clevedon-Kawakawa Bay-Kaiaua part of the trip was well worth the effort. The tide was in and as you ride along the shore on that narrow winding road you wonder why you didn't come sooner or more often - and being a Thursday the beaches were empty of people. I vote every Thursday as a holiday!

The ride produced a big day despite being only 450km, and my left hand was suffering repetitive strain from all the clutch work - I eventually dispensed with using the clutch except when I really needed to - e.g. the traffic jam on the Southern Motorway.

I will address the two parts of the trip The Kaiaua part and the Coromandel Loop in subsequent posts, when I will publish some pictures taken on the trip as well.

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Nice, looking forward to the photos.