Saturday, May 24, 2008

Koru waiting at SFO

Yes, I am here reflecting on a great couple of years with a group of wonderful people, while the mighty Koru waits patiently to take me back home.

I am on my way back to Auckland, having said goodbye to my US friends and colleagues - but I don't really want to think of it as goodbye, just 'working from home'. And of course, when I get back to Auckland I will also be saying goodbye to the guys in the Netconcepts Browns Bay office - sitting here alone in the empty gate lounge at SFO sure doesn't help dissolve that feeling of loss.

There are so many great people, great memories, battles won and lost, and unfinished business that I can't believe that we wont be working together or playing together another day.


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Anonymous said...

It can't be goodbye, it's such a small world even if we all don't actively keep in touch we'll run into one another at some point.

We must visit the pub before you leave as well. It's customary, and what we do for friends.