Friday, May 16, 2008

Sausage Race - 1 Brewers - Nil

Today we went to the Brewers / Dodges game at the Miller Park in Milwaukee. The team got a 15-seater van - well done Rachel, and we drove down from Madison, arriving in the Milwaukee sunshine for the midday game - along with 30,000 others.

That my friend is a lot of sick-days and a lot of team building! Well done Jody. A lot of people had made a real go of it, with BBQ's aflame and picnic tables strewn throughout the carpark.

The roof remained closed, but that didn't stop the fireworks from going off when the Brewers hit a home run. They just didn't hit enough of them on the day.

We had pretzels, hot dogs (including soy dogs), popcorn, peanuts and beer - all the major food groups. Including Soydogs - well done Tina! We were sat right behind the batters plate - well done Jeff. The Brewers were playing the LA Dodgers - but that wasn't the important part - the Sausage Race was won by Chorizo - he was the hot favourite!

Lets see, we kept Kerry away from the casino, the peanuts away from Rachel, Kris away from the edge of the terrace - none was injured, and we had some great music on the road trip. Thanks guys for a great day to remember. Oh yes, and I bought a Milwaukee Brewers cap, for um... good luck.


Unknown said...

Chorizo must've been cheating on the german sausage!

Anonymous said...

I miss hot dogs at Baseball games, it's not the taste as much as the experience.