Sunday, June 29, 2008

Westpac Trust - Cheesecutter Run

To quote from Mom "A series of rides have been organised around New Zealand for the dual purpose of raising funds for local Rescue Helicopter Services and to bring the Cheese Cutter issue back into the public eye".

Outside Bayride Motorcycles (Pic by Toto - white Hornet in the foreground).

It had been raining all week - rain, fine, rain, hail, rain, wind, fine rain... and the outlook for the weekend looked grim. Saturday morning arrived - Weather Report: Grim.

I was a sight with my layers of waterproofing on including cotton, polyprops, jumper, riding pants/jacket (with winter linings zipped in), new 1 piece rainsuit, possum socks and new waterproof boots, leather gloves, neck warmer and buff. I am definitely on the padded side, as can be seen from the photo of me outside Bayride Motorcycles in Tauranga. But I stayed dry all day - even in rain and hail. There was even a report of snow on the Mamaku ranges near Rotorua.

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I had a dinner engagement, and not wanting to be late home, I left the other riders at Rotorua. They continued to Hamilton and then on to the helicopter base in Auckland to present the donations collected. My day was just over 500kms.

A reported total of $9755 was raised throughout the country, which is fantastic given the conditions. It was a bit of a challenging ride in the wet, but it felt great to be a part of both the Cheesecutter protest and the Helicopter Fundraiser.

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Gonzo said...

Glad to see that you made it home safe and sound :)

So envious ... I wanna bike now ...

Wonder what Justin would say if I just showed up with one :)