Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Northern Loop

Beautiful Saturday spring morning, ride in the offering, lawns to mow... later. The possibility of a run with the group via Hwy 16 to the Mangawhai Tavern for lunch was a temptation indeed!

Such a nice day meant that the roads were full of bikes, and also those who would stop said bikes and extract cash. No not me, but two of the group were stopped, one for alleged speed and the other for his number plate being on its side. 135km/hr is evidently too fast. I never would do something like that...

The Mangawhai Tavern.

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After lunch we returned via Puhoi - I have been there before, but there were so many bikes there, and real atmosphere. Along with all the bikes and bikers was a wedding - very weird... the coiffured and the great unwashed.

Bring on the summer!

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Gonzo said...

JHS ... how cool.

All I did on Sarurday was walk the dog on Takapuna beach. It very nice ... I admit.

Then like 5 loads of washing. Tred on my bridesmaid dress and thought ... shoot 'I need to lose some weight'.