Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Waiheke Snapper Fishing Pilgrimage

Every year, about this time, two keen sailors / fishermen take to the Hauraki Gulf in search of manhood, cold beer and snapper fishing. And so it was this year, the September Fishing Trip, short though it was, plied the waters at the bottom end of Waiheke Island (eastern end) in search of their elusive quarry.

Roger listening for fish at Anita Bay, Waiheke Island

Well, we got in a good sail on the Wednesday from Westhaven down to Man-O-War Bay. We arrived just on dusk, threw a couple of lines over the side and brought in a snapper each for dinner. Very nice. We had an Epic Pale Ale to celebrate and possibly another one... I'm pretty sure there was a pickled onion or two involved too. First night in the bag! John 1, Roger 1.

Next day up at the crack of dawn and fished Anita Bay. John 7, Roger 2. Hooks Bay for the night... I think every time I go here (and it seems really sheltered from a westerly wind, the wind howls in the rigging and I spend the night getting up repeatedly to check on our position.

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The 'bottom-end' of Waiheke is 20 NM from Westhaven, Auckland.

Friday we went back to Anita Bay and scored a couple of lovely snapper in the 32-35cm size. John 2, Roger 1. And as the day wore on, headed back towards Man-O-War Bay where we settled over the trench on the northern side. Good fishing spot! Roger 9, John 2. Roger was maxing out his daily catch and catching them 2 at a time! Of course we were eating the fish each night and collecting fillets and whole fish in the freezer, making sure we always were within the daily catch allowance. All good... very good.

We did try the new Shimano Lucanus lures too, and some softbaits. And we dragged a sparkling silver lure around Waiheke. Enough said.

Bait that worked... squid, pilchards, bonito, final score John 12, Roger 13. Looking forward to next year when we assail the Bay of Islands, all going to plan. Not sure what beer at this stage.


Anonymous said...

Oh very nice.

Hey ... multiple hooks ... isn't that cheating :)

So ... do any Sashimi with your fresh catch?

Anonymous said...

No, but I was going to do some raw fish this year - took the coconut cream and the lemons... used the lemons for gin and tonic when we got home :-)