Sunday, November 9, 2008

Colemans Suzuki with Kaiaua Fish and Chips

It was time for another Colemans Suzuki Mystery Cruiser Run and a number of bikes (70 or 80) lined up at Gundry St, which is just off K' Rd in Auckland city. I tried to count them, but bikes kept arriving and I gave up trying to keep track. All sorts from Hyabusa's to M and C109's to adventure bikes to 250's. Mostly cruisers. We set off for lunch at the Seaview Hotel in Kaiaua although that was a 'secret' until we got a bit further down the route. The numbers had an immediate impact, with the traffic lights of K' Rd breaking up the big group. Eventually this meant that people got separated and 'lost' and not all of the group got to go down Deerys Rd to the very nice and hidden away regional park at the end. There were a few freedom campers down there too, and the ranger arrived - probably heard his vehicle counter go off 50 times and thought WTF. I must admit I have been on that Kawakawa Bay to Kaiaua road a number of times over a number of years and never actually ventured down there. And there was the bonus of riding on a gravel road and getting the bike and clothing dusty - I say bonus...

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The ride was fairly 'cramped' because of the numbers, at a fairly sedate speed, which turned some riders off, but its a great feeling riding in convoy and we were in a wonderful part of the country - riding along Maraetai Beach, then the Clevedon area, Kawakawa Bay and over the winding hill to the Seabird Coast. And of course the ride along to Kaiaua for lunch - where the Best Fish and Chip shop in the World happens to be.

After lunch we headed out to see the Mangatangi Dam. Unfortunately the gate was shut, so we got a little 'adventure riding' and some more dust in our clothes.
A short stint on Hwy 2 and then we cut back towards Hotel Du Vin, eventually coming out at Bombay and running to Drury to the Two Fat Cows restaurant. It was definitely time for a beer!

Great day, thanks Matt and Alistair for organising a fun - albeit slow - ride on some excellent roads through some wonderful country-side with some great people.


Gonzo said...

NEver been to Kaiaua myself but have heard that the F&C is pretty good from my mum and dad.

Must try it now :)

JohnHS said...

I said The Best Fish and Chip Shop in the World. And when you get it wrapped up in newspaper, you take it to the beach across the road. a kind of kiwi heaven...

Anonymous said...

I saw a video from the trip on youtube. (Troy) The landscape is stunning and alle the riders are polite. Love that trip wonder how many Kiometers you've spend.
I love riding with my friends and I can answer maybe with something form our holiday on youtube:
ride save!

Anonymous said...

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