Saturday, December 6, 2008


BRONZ Bikers Rights Organisation of New Zealand organised a charity run from Sylvia Park to Northcote. The idea is that the 'entry fee' is a toy donated this year to the Salvation Army, who hand out the toys to "bring some much needed light to the lives of those less fortunate this Christmas".

There were alot of bikes, I'd say 300-400?? and more than half had pillions so people everywhere and a real buzz (and rumble) in the air. We set off at 10:00am with a police escort - evidently if we had got 2000 we could have had a "flying block" and on the motorway. It felt like we had taken over the outside lane - except for the odd car that persisted in staying there surrounded by bikes.

It didn't take long to get to Northcote - welcomed in by a Salvation Army brass band playing Christmas Carols, hand in the present, meet the guys from the cruiser group and of course do the rounds a couple of times ogling at the bikes. Yes there were a few "sights" there on the day but hey... everyone's got to be somewhere, as Eccles so poignantly pointed out.

Then we headed for the obligatory visit to Cycletreads and scored some very nice biker-chick gear - for a very nice biker-chick :-)

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