Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deus Ex Machina

Here in Auckland, near the Secret Garden, there is a place of wonder and awe! Shed 5 presents:
Deus Ex Machina - a place of inspiration and salivation.

I was going to say they have some wonderful stuff there... they have ALL wonderful stuff there... quite apart from being a most amazing environment of rough and sophisticated; old and new; antique and avant-garde - stepping through the workshop-like front doors I just stood in awe... crazy motorbikes, fantastic painted helmets, beautiful leather gloves, WW1-style flying goggles and more amazing bobbed and un-bobbed motorcycles.

After walking around with widening grins we sat down for a coffee at a huge slab of a table, which had some very tasteful books covering it. I had to buy something... I settled for a Tee-shirt. Do or don't take your credit-card there - if you do then prepare to carry stuff out.

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This is THE place for your next change of life.