Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deus Ex Machina

Here in Auckland, near the Secret Garden, there is a place of wonder and awe! Shed 5 presents:
Deus Ex Machina - a place of inspiration and salivation.

I was going to say they have some wonderful stuff there... they have ALL wonderful stuff there... quite apart from being a most amazing environment of rough and sophisticated; old and new; antique and avant-garde - stepping through the workshop-like front doors I just stood in awe... crazy motorbikes, fantastic painted helmets, beautiful leather gloves, WW1-style flying goggles and more amazing bobbed and un-bobbed motorcycles.

After walking around with widening grins we sat down for a coffee at a huge slab of a table, which had some very tasteful books covering it. I had to buy something... I settled for a Tee-shirt. Do or don't take your credit-card there - if you do then prepare to carry stuff out.

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This is THE place for your next change of life.


JohnHS said...

They have a few Triumphs in there at the moment. Great place.

Brett said...

nice place to park my sportster and have a cup of tea, and meet interesting people

Anonymous said...

Deus Ex machina is everything Ace cafe in london pretends to be.

Absolutely enchanting.

Unknown said...

I had to laugh out loud at Jazz's fatuous ill conceived comment. The Ace cafe in London has real history and credibility, a former transport cafe for years catering to the road transport cliental but frequented by bikers in the 50's because of it's strategic location allowing said cafe racers to earn their 'ton up' status. The Ace Cafe is a 'real' place whereas 'Deus Ex Machina', see the original in Australia is a cute hobby shop for a very rich and successful marketeer. Do your research Jazz, learn some history and don't be so completely taken in by clever design and presentation to the extent that you loose your objectivity. I bet Jazz does not even know how to pronounce 'Deus Ex Machina' properly, from the latin meaning god from the machine. Apart from that it is great to see something like this happening in Auckland bring it on.

jackson said...

Hey Clive
I went to the Ace then and recently, the difference is in the acute accent over the e. It was and should remain a caff. In respect to bikes caff is a verb, a bike was "caffed" to be a caff racer. In 2010 I'll pay Deus.
Your latin belies cockney grammar.
Transport caffs have gone, the future is not in replicating the past but bettering it.
Coffee at the Ace now, not much better than then, haven't tried Doug',s will soon.

Anonymous said...

Went there today, not a bike crowd - the clients seemed to be pretenders. Some amazing bikes inside, not a single one parked outside. Not sure if it's a place for wannabees or trendies hanging out until the next themed cafe opens

JohnHS said...

Whenever I go there I take the bike, and I work quite close, in Federal Street. I agree, needs more bikes parked out front - can't help sympathising with the posers though... a great place to be.

Anonymous said...

Went for a coffee and cake. Good place to meet a client - great 'doing business' atmosphere