Saturday, August 22, 2009

Westhaven Floating Dock

In preparation for the annual International Fishing Contest - we have in the blue corner, weighing in at under 90 kgs, John - representing New Zealand, the oldest grandson of the master-fisher "Kingfish Harry". And in the red corner, representing Australia - the Hapuka Hatchet-man himself, none other than Roger. I say none other, because there are only two of us going - but you get the general idea... not that we are competitive...

Anyway, the Floating Dock. In order to look at the bottom of the boat to check the antifouling, and assess whether the sacrificial anode needs changing - the service provided by the Floating Dock at Westhaven is ideal. In the space of an hour we took the boat from the marina, did the lift and clean, and were back in the marina. Ken does a fantastic job - all with efficiency and good humour.

However, it seems that the Floating Dock may be going! The Resource Consent is up for renewal and some neighbours want him out. That would be a great blow to all yachties in the area, who rely on those excellent services to get cleaned, do surveys, and quickly do jobs under-the-waterline.

You should contact Ken or your boat club, and find out what you can do, if you want to retain this exceptional service.

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