Sunday, October 11, 2009

Epic Fishing at North Head

Yes it looks so good, I've sailed past so many times, and said to myself "I must go there and fish one day". And that day dawned today, with the promise of some fishing following the WIMA Breast Cancer charity ride in Auckland. However we did not get a single bite.

It was very pleasant while the sun was there, and Auckland turned on a beautiful day for sailors, with a nice breeze, flat water, and sunshine. We watched yachts of all sizes - from 18 ft skiffs to America's Cup boats sailing sideways across the outgoing tide while we set about flinging our baits into the Waitemata Harbour with the hope of that great fish story.

Not...a...single...bite. Lucky I had taken some Epic Pale Ale there.

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Amelia said...

It's all about priorities ;)