Friday, November 20, 2009

Cruiser at Hampton Downs

I believe that the conversation goes something like this:
"Can you take a cruiser to the Hampton Downs race track?"
"Yep, sure can."
"Can you ride a cruiser in the California Superbike School?"
"Hell yeah!! Just ask the guys who took part in the inaugural sessions at Hampton Downs in November... there was a cruiser there! A red Suzuki Boulevard C90 - 1500cc and over 300kg of V-twin, peg-scraping goodness!"

That's right ladies, a cruiser pilot and his big red cruiser has completed day 1 of the California Superbike School at Hampton Downs.

The bike performed very well, and I earned 'cruiser' respect from the sporty riders. What an awesome day at Hampton Downs, learning the art of cornering. I am definitely going back for more when the sessions kick in again next year. 

This is no 'trackday'!!
5 x 20 minute sessions on track - so 10-12 laps per session
The first and second sessions NO BRAKES ALLOWED. The words "holy shit I'm going too fast" was uttered MANY times inside my helmet - I can tell you! Sphincter was working overtime!!!
But as the day went on, and I marked arcs at every corner where my floorboards were scraping, I gave those sporties a run for their money - although on the big 'speedy-bit' they caned me... I had the bike pinned in third, fourth and fifth... and they still zoomed by...[sigh - where is that Ducati 748 when I need it? - I wish...]

Late breaking news: Black Ducati 916 Mono purchased!

I recommend it to all riders.
California Superbike School Hampton Downs.
It's happening again in January 2010.


JohnHS said...

Oh my goodness, is that dirt I see under there?

JohnHS said...

Going to do the Level 2 day on January 28th, but on the Ducati 916 instead of the Suzuki Boulevard cruiser. Got to get a few km's under my belt too before then.