Sunday, November 8, 2009

I love the Coromandel Loop

I love the Coromandel Loop - there I said it again... keyword stuffing?
Coromandel Loop, Coromandel, Corormandel, Coromandel, motorcycling, NZ, winding roads, windingroad, heaven... poetic license!

Colemans Cruiser Club Ride

Colemans Ride time, and this one was on a perfect day... starting off overcast but clearing up nicely; roads dry and fairly clear of 4-wheelers; bonus: the tide was in.

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This is doing the Coromandel Loop in the counter-clockwise direction, commonly known as 'doing it backwards' to those in the know its one of those roads that really is a different ride going the other way.

It was an early start, well, I got to Coleman's at 8:15AM - early enough for a Sunday - but no would-be lie-in would get in the way of a great ride opportunity. About 35 bikes, down on past rides, but a good selection of cruisers, sports bikes, tourers and adventure bikes - and a couple of 250's on their first group ride. We got an early visit from the constabulary - (I saw 7 cars and 2 stationary camera vans on the ride) - I think senior Plod was jealous that we were off and he was working... I didn't speak to any of the others BTW. !innocent.

WORKN was out with the camera, having organised lunch at the Whitianga Golf Club - but not riding, in the van - which van-ished... maybe too excited about getting the editing done, or racing home to get the bike after watching us all beaming as we waved by him.

The pace was a bit stifled going over the Kopu-Hikuwai, but not icy this time, with too much braking to avoid the guy in front. So after the stop in Tairua I held back to free up the road a bit - good idea too. Lunch was mussel-fritters in bread and salad... very nice too!

Just over the Hill

Over the hill is Coromandel township, and the smoked mussel shop... mmmm smoked mussels. They are cheaper direct from the shop loose from the display cabinets, but you can get them from foodie places in Auckland in vacuum packed form. Places in Auckland. Once mussels safely in saddle-bags it was off for Thames along the a great piece of motorcycling road - shared with a few other bikes, campervans, cars with trailer-boats... but being on the bike is such a great advantage on this kind of road. I found the same in the South Island tour, where cars and buses would be 'seen-to' quickly, and the road was all yours again.

Keith Code

I have been reading Keith Code "Twist of the Wrist II" and kept repeating to myself:
  • Once the throttle is cracked on, it is rolled on evenly,
    smoothly, and constantly throughout the remainder of the turn.
  • One steering change per turn
And later in this month I am going to have a day at Hampton Downs with the California Superbike School learning and being drilled on these very things, but without the distraction of wondering which side of the road the next campervan will be on!! Bring it on.

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