Monday, April 19, 2010

Taupo Motott Track Day

As noted in an earlier post, we had a fantastic day at Taupo, with great weather and fine company! There were those who may have wished they had stayed at home...

Out but Not Down

Ducati at Taupo turn 14
As noted regarding the knee-sliders which remain in pristine condition, I was trying to get the knee down and have yet to master the technique, although I am sure that it is just a matter of coordinating a few muscles with a few brain-cells... I'd better hurry then...

Down but Not Out

It is critical to warm up the tyres to ensure that they can provide the traction performance that we require, so the first couple of rounds when the tyres are cool, we don't want to ask too much. Regarding traction and cornering, there is, from a physics point of view, a certain amount of dynamic traction available to us as we charge into a turn - potentials available to us tyres, surface, suspension, our COG and then steering, braking (speed) and body position inputs that we make as riders.
Ducati at Taupo
OK so 'charging in' probably wasn't the right term... but from time to time the environment we ride in can be challenging - an unexpected reducing radius, some dodgy road surface or even a race track where we are able to go as fast as physics allows... It was only later in reviewing the photos that I saw that someone quite close behind me was doing his own experiment with physics and losing.

Eyes Front

Interestingly you may note the rear view mirrors are on the Ducati in this shot. Later in the day (see first photo and below) I removed the mirrors and thereby the temptation to look behind, when all in front is where my attention should be.
Ducati at Taupo home straight

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