Monday, May 10, 2010

Metzeler M5 Interact

I have the tyres on the bike! I decided to wait a couple of weeks until the Metzeler M5's came into the country, and they duly arrived and were fitted by Haldanes to my black Ducati 916 on Friday.

Thanks again to Chris Mitchell Motott and Malcolm Gray at Forbes and Davies for having this great prize available. That's great support from the industry back to us riders.

The weekend was meant to be wet, but turned out to be just grey and overcast, but no rain - apart from a sprinkle overnight Saturday.

Mother's Day

And Sunday was Mother's Day after all... I had to go and see my Mum - it was just a matter of deciding the route ;-)

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I stopped at Manurewa to check the warmth of the tyre - they were evenly warm across the tyre running 32psi F 36psi R, a little bit of motorway, but basically town running - so no hard braking or cornering. I was breaking them in after all, so I was taking things carefully. Once on the road through Clevedon to Kawakawa Bay I started to lean on them a bit more. The road over the hill to Kaiaua was wet (I guess from the night before) so I was very careful not to push the fresh tyres in the damp conditions. Once over and running along the Kaiaua coast I found that the grip was growing and after a couple of 'push' feelings through the front, the bike was feeling very solid under me.

A stop in Ngatea and the tyres had definitely warmed up - they were quite hot to hold on to, and that heat was evenly distributed across the tyre - even accounting for the straight roads leading into Ngatea.

This is the before shot - delivery km's only.

The road back was up to Kaiaua, through Mangatawhiri and Hunua and home. The tyres really came in and I was comfortable and in control. That being the case, I was also relaxed and the bike, suspension and ride seemed smoother and easier than ever. I put that down to the tyres. I am looking forward to pushing them a bit more at a trackday.

Ferrari Scuderia

A cunning likeness to a Ferrari Scuderia I met at Mangatangi.

Leaving Kaiaua there was a car in the distance, and usually they get closer - but this time it stayed in the distance - this had to be investigated, so picking up the pace a little I caught my quarry and then went ah hah! - it was a Ferrari... all 500bhp of it.

To you Mother's everywhere - have a nice day!
I was a bit cheeky turning up at lunchtime - thanks Mum.


JohnHS said...

Original post re Taupo

JohnHS said...

The heavy rain in the weekend didn't stop me getting out on the road. I headed down to Hampton Downs to pick up some Gripster Tank Pads from the guys at Hampton Downs Ride Days

The tyres were rock solid on the highway, with no wriggles - even on the road markings - just awesome.

Amelia said...

Man JHS ... you're like everywhere nowadays ;)