Monday, June 7, 2010

Floating Dock Westhaven

Time to do the maintenance before the summer comes - so Queen's Birthday this year was mostly spent on the floating dock at Westhaven, Auckland. Kerkira is a Lotus 9.2 (30ft) - a cruising design with a Bukh 20hp diesel powering a saildrive unit.

Floating Dock Westhaven
An excellent service at Floating Dock Services 09) 379 0934

This year the sacrificial anode on the sail-drive needed to be changed - I note that the rate of corrosion of the zinc anode doesn't seem as high as a couple of years ago when I was on the pile moorings. Of course the anti-fouling and touch-ups around the hull were the other out-of-the-water jobs. The weather was not good for the long weekend, which curtailed some of the tasks I could do outside, but managed a couple of good layers of No. 5 Seaport Blue where it counts.

On a boat / on a boat... the floating dock was certainly exposed to the rolling waves coming into the Westhaven Marina precinct from the North, however everything was fine and the floating dock provided a stable working platform.

Mike, who is looking after the dock while Ken is recuperating was very accommodating and we left the floating dock on the Monday morning.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Heat Pumps and Family Energy Usage

We are with Mercury Energy, and you can download your power bills and get your energy usage. I have graphed ours over the past 3 and a half years. This is 2 adults and 2 adult children, living in Auckland.

Click the graph to enlarge it.

Its obvious that the heat pumps made a direct impact on the electricity usage when we put them in at the end of June last year. Since November 2009 we have dropped to 2 adults and no kids, so we hope to keep the power consumption down to under 20 KW Hrs per day.

I have linked to a copy of my Energy Usage Spreadsheet [MyEnergyUsage.xls EXCEL 43KB]

The Mercury Energy price plans can be checked using this wizard.