Monday, June 7, 2010

Floating Dock Westhaven

Time to do the maintenance before the summer comes - so Queen's Birthday this year was mostly spent on the floating dock at Westhaven, Auckland. Kerkira is a Lotus 9.2 (30ft) - a cruising design with a Bukh 20hp diesel powering a saildrive unit.

Floating Dock Westhaven
An excellent service at Floating Dock Services 09) 379 0934

This year the sacrificial anode on the sail-drive needed to be changed - I note that the rate of corrosion of the zinc anode doesn't seem as high as a couple of years ago when I was on the pile moorings. Of course the anti-fouling and touch-ups around the hull were the other out-of-the-water jobs. The weather was not good for the long weekend, which curtailed some of the tasks I could do outside, but managed a couple of good layers of No. 5 Seaport Blue where it counts.

On a boat / on a boat... the floating dock was certainly exposed to the rolling waves coming into the Westhaven Marina precinct from the North, however everything was fine and the floating dock provided a stable working platform.

Mike, who is looking after the dock while Ken is recuperating was very accommodating and we left the floating dock on the Monday morning.

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