Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Heat Pumps and Family Energy Usage

We are with Mercury Energy, and you can download your power bills and get your energy usage. I have graphed ours over the past 3 and a half years. This is 2 adults and 2 adult children, living in Auckland.

Click the graph to enlarge it.

Its obvious that the heat pumps made a direct impact on the electricity usage when we put them in at the end of June last year. Since November 2009 we have dropped to 2 adults and no kids, so we hope to keep the power consumption down to under 20 KW Hrs per day.

I have linked to a copy of my Energy Usage Spreadsheet [MyEnergyUsage.xls EXCEL 43KB]

The Mercury Energy price plans can be checked using this wizard.


JohnHS said...

I have changed to the Low all inclusive now. Just waiting for Mercury to confirm.

JohnHS said...

All done, thanks Mercury.

JohnHS said...

Just updated July 2012. Currently 2 adults.