Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Metzeler M5 at Hampton Downs

What a glorious winters day! I took photos in the afternoon - I was kinda busy in the morning ;-)

I headed over to Dave's early arriving around 7:00AM - my fingers were absolutely frozen - my soft riding gloves are not for winter mornings. We loaded the bikes on the hire trailer, broke the ice away from the car windscreen (I kid you, not), and swooshed in luxury (and warmth) down to Hampton Downs (where the California Superbike School operates) to a day put on by the Hampton Downs Rideday crew.

Hampton Downs puts on a spectacular day in the Waikato.

Chicken Strips Gone

Some posts ago I was talking about the new Metzeler M5 Interact tyres that I had won at the Taupo Motott weekend in April - well they got their first outing at the track, just to round out the experience, and of course, the review.

I had said before that the tyres gave me great confidence with their grip, and on the excellent Hampton Downs track surface they did not let me down. What a fantastic day - great for the soul! The tyres: The morning was cold and the day was clear, so the track would be heating up later, but for the first outing (6x 20mins throughout the day) I dropped the pressures to 30psi and completed 2 full rounds before getting brave. The tyres never let me down - you could feel them heat up and by the third pass the Ducati was on rails.

I quickly dispatched the chicken strips on the right side of the tyre - Hampton Downs is flush with right hand turns - and I had to work hard to get the left side. Whatever... that wasn't the point of the rideday - I felt comfortable and confident with traction always available.

Funnily enough I have Metzeler Marathon 880's on the cruiser - and they also gave excellent service at Hampton Downs back in November last year when I did my first California Superbike School level.