Monday, August 30, 2010

Richmond Yacht Club Summer Series

Winter must be passing - the Richmond Yacht Club, who sail on Auckland's Waitemata Harbour certainly think so. The winter series is behind us and the summer begins real soon - officially on Wednesday 29th September.

We will be out again - see the post at Kerkira-Racing.

Looking forward to some new quotes too - but to refresh your minds, here is a sampling:

  • Ian "Creamy Havarti or Gruyere?"
  • Dave: "We're all over them, like hair on soap"
  • Someone else "We are trying to start, you know..." and "Starboard!"
  • John "Where's the pole?"

1 comment:

Dave said...

Are we racing the Kerkira of last year or have you replaced the Lotus9.2 with a TP52 and called that Kerkira?