Saturday, April 2, 2011

Richmond Yacht Club Summer Series 2010-2011

For the second year Kerkira has raced on the Waitemata Harbour in Auckland with the Richmond Yacht Club in the Wednesday night Summer Series races.

Kerkira racing Auckland Harbour Bridge

Kerkira contested the 12 races this year, and we certainly have improved from our first season - in confidence, focus and in our knowledge of sailing. And I would add, the crew are working very well together too, able to sense what the next thing that needs doing is, before its too late, or the skippers barks out his orders ;-) No barking... only purring this year.

Kerkira racing
And we stood on the top of the podium 3 times!

In the first season we were triumphant in the clubhouse on more than one occassion however this year we were able to exercise that prowess on the water as well, picking up 3 wins and coming a respectable 4th in the series.

Results Division E No Extras
Race 01: PROTEST [We withdrew after missing Rough Rock Buoy]
Race 02: Handicap: 0.625 Place: 16/16
Race 03: Handicap: 0.627 Place: 10/14
Race 04: Handicap: 0.625 Place: 7/16
Race 05: Handicap: 0.622 Place: 1/14
Race 06: Handicap: 0.623 Place: 1/14
Race 07: Handicap: 0.626 Place: 7/10
Race 08: Handicap: 0.632 Place: 5/12
Race 09: DNF [Arrived 3 minutes after 9:00 closing]
Race 10: Handicap: 0.634 Place: 4/12
Race 11: Handicap: 0.638 Place: 1/11
Race 12: Handicap: 0.639 Place: 5/10

Sailing on Wednesday nights after work is just amazing really (if you can get through the traffic in time!) and I appreciate the support I have had with crew always onhand to make the night great.

Read our sailing blog called Kerkira Racing where I have chronicled each race, our course, crew, start, progress and result throughout the series, adding the Quote of the Day where appropriate - I admit we have had alot of fun - but our sailing skills have grown also - and we are proud of our achievement of 4th place overall.

Kerkira racing
Kerkira racing sunset
Kerkira racing bridge
Kerkira racing
Kerkira racing ship
Kerkira racing ship
Kerkira racing ship
Kerkira racing ship

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