Thursday, June 30, 2011

To Just June

A June Picture

I found this picture in my June browsings.

Robotart - Robot Art or Robo Tart?

I was inspired by Andrew Palace (Metal As Anything) who had an exhibition of his lamps in Grey Lynn. Fantastic stuff.


Stuff happens all the time. It doesn't necessarily start or finish though, sometimes things are in-the-middle. A bit like June. Everything is in-the-middle.
  • Dr Who is in-the-middle of the series
  • An energy site I am working on is in-the-middle, with a go-live of phase 1 in early July
  • An insurance site is in-the-middle of the analysis and design phase, and decisions that need to be made all seem to be in-the-middle of a decision making process
  • the house re-renovations are in-the-middle as we tick rooms off - moving junk from one romm to another in a kind of merry-go-round
  • the year is in-the-middle - obviously, as it is each year at this time - doh
  • I wish I could say that yacht maintenance was in-the-middle but it hasn't started. But it should have...
  • I am currently in-the-middle of this post ;-)
  • Based on the fact that I will live to 108 years, my life is approaching the in-the-middle phase, although the amount of whisky I have yet to consume could well be greater in the second half
  • Oh, I am in-the-middle of Call of Duty: Black Ops for the second time...??!!
When you use a list element you type the brackets and you start with a-lie (li), and you end with not-a-lie (/li). Whatever... Just goes to show my mood.

A Poem About String

In the middle of
A piece of string each end is
Equally distant


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