Saturday, July 16, 2011

SSANZ Two Handed on Peppermint Planet

Short-handed Sailing

The B&G Simrad Triple Series. Every year Peppermint Planet has taken part in the SSANZ racing in Auckland, and on occasion I have been fortunate enough to be be onboard. They are a great experience, especially flying spinnakers and gybing them two-handed - no really...
As the day fades we are heading back past the Rangitoto light-house to the finish at Orakei wharf.

This year I got two races, the 50 and 60 mile races, missing out on the 100. Maybe Kerkira should have a go at the short-haul course this year...

On line

We came 6th in the B&G Simrad 50
We came 15th in the B&G Simrad 60
We came 8th in the B&G Simrad 100
The field was 23 boats for our division

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