Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Australian Road Trip

"To escape the routines of work and home and hit the road"
We did that. It was the coming together of birthday milestones and provided a great opportunity to go on an Aussie road trip.


Well we have an economic way of having birthdays - with quite a few in September and October, so this was a good excuse, especially with Roger's 60th, we managed to assemble most of the family in Albury to help him celebrate. A fantastic time was had - with a bus, winery tours and a wonderful dinner - planned and executed with aplomb. Thank you to all who made it, we all had quite a day - and I will admit to crawling off to be at around mid-night even though the party continued.

We also got a couple of days in Albury and took the mountain bikes out for a bit of a Tiki Tour - there are great cycle trails that go through town and into the wetlands. Albury Trails. We saw a snake on the path - that was fairly exciting - but we weren't looking forward to the next one - no snakes in NZ!

Road Trip

Gassed up, have 3G wireless modem, chilli-bin (well being Aussie it was an 'Esky') we headed off - around 2,500 kms. THanks Sandy - your Mazda3 was a fantastic drive.
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Hartwig Wines at the top of the Barossa Valley where we stopped to look at a patchwork shop.
Bronze pigs in Adelaide - better pigs?
Pelicans at Kangaroo Island - they are truly the funniest looking birds - well they look like living cartoons...
When we were in Melbourne the Queen came to visit - yeah I didn't see her either.
We spent 4 days in Melbourne at the end of the trip - shopping, and shopping, and eating and ... it was really good - walked a few miles though ;-) I bought clothes - by Deus Ex and Ducati! We stayed in the Causeway Inn - I can recommend it - right in the action and well priced.

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