Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Happy Camper

I sneaked off to see Camper down at the Viaduct before heading out for the Wednesday night racing (sailing). Its was great to see a really good turn-out, and the open-day was caught on the 6 o'clock news. Someone else was caught on camera, giving advice to the shore crew before climbing aboard to check the boat over.

Camper Volvo Ocean Race 2012
Camper at the Viaduct in Auckland [Volvo Ocean Race 2012]

The vision I had in my head reeled a bit when I got to see the boat up close... 70 feet isn't that big after all, when you start to think about being alone in the wide ocean, with fierce winds and monster waves.
People in and around the boat. This cheery picture on the right is painted inside Camper, on both sides - maybe to cheer the boys up when the going gets tough? (Excuse shaky phone-cam picture).

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