Monday, April 2, 2012

Waiheke Snapper Rise To The Bait

With only a short fishing trip last year to make way for our trip to Australia in October this years fishing trip was brought forward to Easter, we were up for it, and so were the fish! And the weather played ball as well, providing us with some beautiful days fishing around Waiheke and the Rakino channel.

Fish Eat Fish

One of the great things about going on our fishing trips, is the evening feed. Our meals are sumptuous, starting with pickled onions and crackers with cheese, a beer or two, and then broccoli, kumara, and fresh fish - so fresh! And possibly a couple of beers to wash it done, sorry... to compliment the meal!
And we aren't the only ones who enjoy a fresh fish meal either - the following sequence is just incredible...
...I caught a good size John Dory at the eastern end of Waiheke, around the 4.5LB mark. As I pulled it up on board I noticed something in the John Dory's mouth.

You can see a tail of a small snapper peeking out of the John Dory's mouth
I had hooked the little snapper, and it in turn was swallowed by the John Dory, and because it was head first (to escape the spines) and as I was pulling... the snapper actually 'caught' the bigger fish. Snookered, you might say!

That's actually quite a big little sanpper to fit into the John Dory! The snapper was shaken, but swam away when I released him. Bet he had a tale to tell!
Looking forward to our next outing.

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