Wednesday, January 30, 2013

March Rallies

Wow, this is a great time of year - the weather is stable and the bike rallies are all happening!


The first is the National Ducati Rally, held this year in Wairakei. I have recently been accepted into the fold with a DOCNZ membership and I am champing at the bit, so to speak, at the prospect of a carpark full of Ducati beauties. I haven't been to one of these before - should be fun - but not hoping for 'road-tax'!

Suzuki Boulevard Rumble in Middle Earth

One I have been to before is the Suzuki Boulevard Rally, with this years run from Mt Maunganui to New Plymouth. Should be good - I spent a couple of years in New Plymouth in the mid-80's - yep the Think Big years - and always have a spot in my heart for the place.

Cheers and see you there!