Sunday, March 24, 2013

Be Patient - Windingroad

A Signpost For Life

This image comes from Google, I was busy at the time ;-) but got the message anyway!

Suzuki Boulevard Rally 2013

This year the rally was "Journey Through Middle Earth" and what a great ride it was too! We started at Mount Maunganui near Tauranga on the Saturday morning, that meant riding down on Friday afternoon to catch up with the team, and stay overnight with my Dad.

I was hoping to get away early, but meeting, meetings, and meetings... and on a Friday too! As it turned out, I did get away a bit early and headed home to drop off work gear, and get into cruise-gear. Of course - I locked myself out of the house - with keys and helmet inside! Luckily (kind of) I have watched 80's TV shows where the hero opens doors with whatever he has in his pocketses. Thanks McGyver. I was in time to experience the slow drag out of Auckland that is typical of a Friday afternoon, but eventually I was underway properly and enjoying the freedom of the ride through 2x gorges and into the Bay of Plenty.

A beer or too and a hot curry later I was tucked into bed in Papamoa - thanks for the great night.

Mt Maunganui to New Plymouth

An excellent route, and one with a few twists that even I had not been on before.

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We stopped for lunch at Whakamaru where we also gassed up - poor girl in the gas station on her own with 143 bikes wanting fuel! All good in the end. Once we got onto State Highway 3 we spread out a bit, and I found a journo riding a demo bike - one of the new blacked out C90's. We rode with spirit on that wonderful road through the Awakino Gorge and over Mt Messenger - fun indeed - almost to the point of losing the chicken strips - which is a feat indeed on a cruiser!

New Plymouth - Conference

The Rally Conference was at the Devon, and I stayed at the Autolodge - probably a good call as I did get some sleep before the trip continued home on Sunday. Thanks to Troy I had a cold beer waiting at the end of the ride - VERY welcome! The meal was good, but forgettable, the beer was Peroni and so good, and free flowing, and the entertainment a bit of fun, with a hypnotist providing us with the laughs. Sunday was the ride home, and another chance to ride through the gorge - brilliant. I caught up with Donna and friends in Te Kuiti for brunch and headed home through Whatawhata and Ngaruawahia.

Another great weekend with great friends.


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