Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter Fishing On The Hauraki Gulf

Our annual fishing trip was over the Easter weekend, with a couple of days tacked on the end. I wish it could have been more, but busy busy at work - so - take what you can get :-)

Out Of Town

We finally got out on the water at 12:30PM and headed for the Rakino Channel, where we hoped to catch dinner and start the trip. No problem catching fish - just getting the right size - but lo and behold in amongst the wee ones were a couple of nice snapper. Roger hooked into a couple of small kingfish too - and our bait supplies were already looking dodgy - would we make it through the next few days while getting pounded by small snapper?? We tucked up to Rakino for a peaceful night. Next day we went to the Noises, Zeno Rock and Oneroa, while depleting even more bait, teaching small fish to be careful what they eat, and frying in the sun. Just as well we packed a few beers on-board eh!


A night in Oneroa and the plan was "go ashore and get more bait!" which I did at the Little Oneroa Store - a great place, with good coffee too ;-) Then down to Gannet Rock and Anita Bay at the eastern end of Waiheke. That's when we started catching the right sized fish, including a kingfish!

Taken on light line and a Shimano baitcaster reel, it put up quite some sport, but I landed it - to the applause of the neighbouring boat, and whoops of excitement from both Roger and I. That was Monday, and we stayed the night in Man-o-War Bay.

Sitting on the back of the boat, beer in hand, eating raw kingfish (sugar-cured) and Kikorangi Blue cheese...

It Gets Better

Next day we mooched around by Tarakihi Island, chased some birds and drift fished until succumbing to Anita Bay. After two goes at anchoring in the right spot, we settled into some decent fishing. Trouble now was to stay within the daily limit. I like to ensure that we don't go over the 9 snapper per person limit - even though we do clean the fish on the boat, and technically they are not measurable - and that we are out for 5 days. What would you do with more than 18 fish anyway? Of course we ate fish for lunch and dinner, so it wasn't an issue.

Back To Civilisation

Wednesday dawned and we had just 1 fish each to make our numbers - so fishing in the Bay we made sure we threw back anything under 35cm. We did have a couple of fish for lunch too - mmm fresh snapper IS so good!.

Looking forward to our next successful fishing trip on the Hauraki Gulf.