Monday, October 28, 2013

Hauraki Rail Trail 02

The second installment of our cycling adventures on the Hauraki Rail Trail - this time heading from Paeroa towards Thames.

Paeroa to Matatoki

It was the Saturday or Labour Weekend, and the weather was clear and warm, so we decided to do more of the Hauraki Rail Trail, this time heading in the other direction - towards Thames. We decided we would go as far as Kopu and back, which would be about 66km round-trip. In the end we stopped at Matatoki and decided that we would forgo the extra distance, and get home at a reasonable hour.

This is about 12km from Paeroa where someone has put two chairs under the shade of some trees. An excellent place to stop for our lunch-break.

We continued on to Matatoki where there is an excellent cafe. We decided to turn back from there and so the whole trip was 40kms - at an average on the trail of 14km/hr. It was easy - just a bit more endurance required from the week before.

Slowly building up for some longer trips. The cyclo-cross tyres are working out well on the gravel surface - but the lack of suspension in the bikes design makes the ride a bit more of an effort - comfort-wise.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hauraki Rail Trail 01

A beautiful weekend weather-wise, we decided to go down to the Hauraki Rail Trail for a cycle.

I have put cyclo-cross tyres on our bikes so we can tackle gravel and off-road trails, and everything went very well.

Paeroa to Waikino

We completed the Paeroa to Waikino section, which is 14km, and back, as an afternoon ride, after the business of Saturday morning was over. Had the GoPro mounted on the handbars of the bike. Got a much smoother clip than I thought I would get. These three images are snapshots from the stream.

The trail runs along-side a road, then through open farmland until it meets with the Ohinemuri River which runs through the Karangahake Gorge.


The rail trail runs through a tunnel which is over a km long. In the direction we went we first crossed the rail bridge over the river. It is uphill through the tunnel, but the whole trail is very flat and easy.
If you wanted an easy 'first-time' experience of a rail trail, then this would be the one ;-)

The tunnel entrance

The tunnel exit (from the inside) - a bit like birth perhaps?


We stopped by the river to have lunch and then proceeded across the river to the Waikino Rail Station where we got a coffee, before turn around and heading back to Paeroa.


  • 14 km each way
  • Flat, no hills
  • About an hour and a half each way with sight-seeing
  • Take a torch or bike-lights for the tunnel - not to see, but to be seen by others coming the other way

Yes, sore bums afterward - but we are already planning to do the Thames to Paeroa leg next.