Monday, January 13, 2014

Man Has Shed

Garden Shed Appears In Suburban Backyard

...and in breaking news, a man in Mt Eden, New Zealand, has erected a shed in his back yard! Little did his wife know that he would one day come true with his promise to clear the laundry of tools and manly equipment - like a lawnmower, a rear pit-stand for a Ducati motorcycle, garden tools and many things that might come in handy one day... But yes, it has happened!

A Pinehaven kitset which arrived just before Christmas has been built and furnished with a man-bench and man-shelves.

How did it happen?

The ground was leveled and the staging beams (macrocarpa sleepers) were positioned.

The floor was built and trued square.

The panels were pre-drilled and laid out ready for erection. Sam held in position while I screwed the panels together

Soon all the panels were screwed together. My battery drill lasted the whole weekend on one charge.

Then the trusses went up, with Sam providing the authentic builders crack as he screwed the panels to the floor.

The roof went on including a skylight panel in the same profile as the roof sheets.

At the end of 6 hours the shed was at lock up stage, and on Sunday we finished it with flashings and trim.

The Job Was Done

Yes the shed was complete and it was time for a well earned gingerbeer ;-)

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