Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On a Panigale 899

I have been trying to get myself sorted to sell my bikes in order to get a new Ducati Panigale. Now that there are two Panigales to choose from I took the opportunity to test ride the Ducati Panigale 899 that has arrived at Cyclespot.

Ducati Panigale 899 at Westhaven.

First Thoughts

I trundled over to the North Shore to the Cyclespot Ducati showroom where Richard had the 899 ready to go. The demo had just arrived, and had been out 3 times already today. I was curious after all the reading I had done, which suggested that the 899 performed very well and had a more 'usable' power.

Of course it started to rain... and I'll admit I wasn't about to test the traction control right away.

I rode for about an hour, with plenty of time in traffic to get the feel for using the bike everyday - which would be a requirement. I also tried all the modes - but the WET mode was not that different around town anyway.

The Sound is Right

Yes that Ducati sound is there - quite loud in fact, and when you give the throttle a bit of a wind ;-) it sounds awesome. That is with the stock exhaust - I'm sure the Termis would be better still. I captured a bit of video, but being there is much better!

Would I buy one?

Yes, and there is one arriving in a couple of weeks. Need to get on Trademe and sell the other bikes to make space ;-)



Elton said...

Click "Buy Now!"

JohnHS said...

Well, the Sell Now button needs to be satisfied first...

JohnHS said...

Check this out too: